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Обновление №5 дата применения 27.06.2020

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Battle Pay V2:
Battle Pay V2 core system completed. Items no longer free.
Battle Pay Coin Vendor added. 10 Gold to 1 Battle Coin Conversion.
-Battle Coin Exchange NPC vendor gossip options for exchange is now tied to Purchase.Shop.Enabled conf setting.
Battlepay Deduction now corrected and fixed, Items no longer free, will require battle coins. Nemesis Dev sveN's Assistance.
Battlepay mount descriptions added for all but weapons, armor and heirlooms
Guild Rename Scripted to Battle Pay Thanks @Warlord
Currency script now added thanks to @Ugandan Warlord for the assistance and guidence.
kooSH 's npc goblin mercenaries implemented in battle pay shop. Thanks @kooSH and @Warlord
Draenor and Broken Isle Flight License scripted and in Battlepay. Thanks @Warlord
New Shop Categories and Shop items added. @Warlord.

Location Life Added:
Razor Hill Waypoint NPC Data added

Orgrimmar NPC Miwana Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script.
Orgrimmar NPC Tinza Silvermug Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script
Stormwind NPC Steve Lohan Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script and sells items.
Darnassus NPC Gwen Armstead Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script.
NPC 12246 Super-Seller 680 Fixed and Will sell items now
Brawler PVP option now queues brawl bg. Subsitute for now.
Missing NPC Warmage Kath'leen <Legionfall Artificer> Added with items for sales. For People who Skipped Broken Shore Assualt.
Three stooges at deliverance point are no longer hostile against the horde players.
NPC Vendor Arcanomancer Vridiel Remade. All 253 items he sales per class and specialization painfully manually added.
John Burnside Banker stormwind is no longer invisible.
Personal Teleporter menu clean up
GM Support NPC 88012 Cleric Maluuf Added.
-Offers a better teleportation menu and cheat skills.
Xur'ios <Vaultkeeper of the Void> Vendor Npc added into new dalaran with items for sell (Curious coins).
Thaumaturge Vashreen <Purveyor of Exquisite Furnishings> added into brokenshore deliverance point with items to sell (Veiled Argunite)

OPTIONAL CONF Skip Panderian, Goblin, Worgen start zone consolidate and added. Thanks @ConanHUN
-Panderian Skip Zone now grants Panderians level 10
Optional CONF Double XP Weekend. Thanks @ConanHUN
Optional CONF Fireworks Explosion when player makes it to level 110. Refract from SPP BFA Ashamanecore. Different Firework effect. Thanks to @ConanHUN for original script.
Optional CONF Level up firework effect for gaining level 110. option conf. Thanks @ConanHUN
Optional CONF Money for kills module now refracted and implemented from previous SPP ASHAMANECORE Legion. Thanks @ConanHUN
Optional CONF Starter Equipment module implemented. Refracted from previous SPP Legion repacks. Thanks @ConanHUN
Optional CONF Save on Level Up Module Refracted from SPP Ashamanecore Legion. @Thanks @ConanHUN

Main Core:
Solocraft V2 WIP implemented.
VAS is dropped and removed entirely in favor of Solocraft V2.
WOD Garrison Crashes Resolved.
Honor after duel world conf now working.
Bag Cleanup\Sort works. A first for with trinitycore master.
Deposit All Reagent at bank now works. A first for with trinitycore master.
New Stable Master AI script implemented.
Over 108 stable masters audited and now linked to new stable master ai script
Hunter Pet fixes
Rogue killing spree wasnt able to be interupted by stun, now fixed.
Stable Master: Stable works. A first for with trinitycore master.
All 310 innkeepers not properly linked to innkeeper script.

Battle Pets:
Battle Pet 62178 Elfin Rabbit Fixed
Battle Pet 61757 Red-Tailed Chipmunk Fixed

Quest + item drop rate for quest has been fixed: Princess Must Die! @WARLORD
-Kill Princess, grab her collar, then bring it back to Ma Stonefield at the Stonefield Farm. A level 4 Elwynn Forest Quest. +250 reputation with Stormwind

kooSH's Quest Fixes:
QUEST 28726 Webwood Corruption (Teldrassil)
QUEST 28727 Vile Touch (Teldrassil)
QUEST 28728 Signs of Things to Come (Teldrassil) All modified.
QUEST 997 Denalan's Earth (Teldrassil) All Remaked.
QUEST 930 The Glowing Fruit (Teldrassil) All Remaked.
QUEST 28731 Teldrassil: Passing Awareness (Teldrassil) Fixed.
Shade of the Kaldorei (Teldrassil) All Remaked.
Battle Pet Trainer valeena (Teldrassil) : Battle Pet Skill and All Quests Add.
QUEST 31552 Learning the Ropes.
QUEST 13518 The Last Wave of Survivors: Phase Fixed. PHASE works perfectly.
QUEST 13569 The Ritual Bond (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13599 Grimclaw's Return (Darkshore) Phase Fixed.
QUEST 13844 The Looting of Althalaxx (Darkshore) All Remaked. And Mobs Fixed.
QUEST 13511 One Bitter Wish (Darkshore),
QUEST 13510 Timely Arrival (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13590 The Front Line (Darkshore) with Bot,
QUEST 13514 The Ancients' Ire (Darkshore) with Bot. All Remaked.
QUEST 13605 The Last Refugee (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13586 The Emerald Dream (Darkshore),
QUEST 13587 The Waking Nightmare (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST13940 Leaving the Dream (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13581 The Blackwood Pledge (Darkshore) Fixed. Phase tested.
QUEST 13582 Elune's Fire (Darkshore) Phase and QuestLine Fixed.
QUEST 13588 The Eye of All Storms (Darkshore) : The Eye of The Vortex Storyline All Fixed.
QUEST 13885 In Defense of Darkshore (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13918 The Titans' Terminal (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13911 The Absent Minded Prospector (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13910 A New Home (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 40729 The New Blood (Warlock) All Remaked.
Quest 28197Discretion is Key Missing NPC 47791 Citizen Wilkes Fixed
QUEST 13900 The Offering to Azshara (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 13897 The Battle for Darkshore (Darkshore) All Remaked.
QUEST 27099 No Escape (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 27045 Waiting to Exsanguinate (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 27069 Steel Thunder (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 26965 The Warchief Cometh (Silverpine Forest) Fixed.
QUEST 27350 Break in Communications Rutsak's Guard (Ruins of Gilneas) Quest Line Fixed.
QUEST 27483 Practical Vengeance (Silverpine Forest) Portal Fixed.
QUEST 27518 Transdimensional Warfare Chapter III (Silverpine Forest) QuestLine All Remaked.
QUEST 27098 Lordaeron (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 26998 Iterating Upon Success (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 27472 Rise, Godfrey (Silverpine Forest) QuestLine All Remaked.
QUEST 27290 To Forsaken Forward Command (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 27195 Nowhere to Run (Silverpine Forest) QuestLine All Remaked.
QUEST 27401 What Tomorrow Brings (Ruins of Gilneas) All Remaked.
QUEST 27232 The Waters Run Red (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 27290 To Forsaken Forward Command (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 27195 Nowhere to Run (Silverpine Forest) QuestLine All Remaked.
QUEST 27401 What Tomorrow Brings (Ruins of Gilneas) All Remaked.
QUEST 27406 A Man Named Godfrey (Ruins of Gilneas) All Remaked.
QUEST 27472 Rise, Godfrey (Silverpine Forest) QuestLine All Remaked.
QUEST 27518 Transdimensional Warfare Chapter III (Silverpine Forest) QuestLine All Remaked.
QUEST 28114 Glorious Harvest (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 28156 Deep Mine Rescue (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 28192 No One Here Gets Out Alive (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 27601 Cities in Dust (Silverpine Forest) All Remaked.
QUEST 28344 Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 28506 March of the Stormpike (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 28616 Stormpike Apocalypse (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 28375 The Road to Purgation (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 28400 Heroes of the Horde! (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Remaked.
QUEST 26212 Lard Lost His Lunch (The Hinterlands) Fixed.
QUEST 28603 Infiltration (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Fixed.
QEUST 28643 The Durnholde Challenge Zephyrus (Hillsbrad Foothills) All Fixed.
QUEST 26628 Death From Below (Arathi Highlands) All Remaked.
QUEST 26042 Breaking the Keystone (Arathi Highlands) All Remaked.
QUEST 26912 The Princess Unleashed (Arathi Highlands) All Remaked.
QUEST 26430 Revantusk Village (Arathi Highlands) All Remaked.
QUEST 26367 Ongo'longo's Revenge (The Hinterlands) All Remaked.
QUEST 9166 Deliver the Plans to An'telas (Ghostlands) All Remaked.
QUEST 26924 Scholomancer (Western Plaguelands) All Remaked.
QUEST 27151 Taelan Fordring's Legacy (Western Plaguelands - Hearthglen) Quest Line All Remaked. (Quest ,Waypoint, mob skill, npc text etc.)
QUEST 26937 When Death is Not Enough (Western Plaguelands) All Remaked.
QUEST 27087 Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed (Western Plaguelands) All Remaked.
QUEST 27090 Andorhal, Once and For All (Western Plaguelands) All Remaked.
QUEST 46732 The Prophet's Gambit (Krokuun) All Remaked.
QUEST 27156 It's About Time (Western Plaguelands) All Remaked.
QUEST 27157 Drudges (Western Plaguelands) All Remaked.