Обновление №4.5 дата применения 30.05.2020

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Обновление №4.5 дата применения 30.05.2020

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NPC Corrections\fixes\additions:
SPP New Transmog NPC (locations is the front gate walk way of stormwind and orgrimmar
and the respective void banks.
Razor Hill Waypoint NPC Data added
Orgrimmar NPC Miwana Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script.
Orgrimmar NPC Tinza Silvermug Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script
Stormwind NPC Steve Lohan Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script and sells items.
Darnassus NPC Gwen Armstead Inn Keeper now linked to inn keeper script.
Ironforge npcs now actually do move again, as for some people it was not working.. sorry about that. @MDic
Sraaz NPC 9099 (IronForge now sells pie and is a drug dealer as well), now sells sugar booger. @MDic
Missing NPC Scowling Rosa <Text and Specialty Goods> Npc added with waypoint data.
Valley of trials and Mulgor waypoint and npc animation added.

Mage summon water elemental now does melee attack and respond. We know it is suppose to do waterbolt as the attack
but this is a quick work around until We can identify why it isnt casting waterbolt.

Battlepay V2 System Introduced:
Battle Pay Character boost, Level Boost, and Gold Boost now works.
Battlepay descriptions added for all but weapons, armor and heirlooms
Battle Pay Icons added and descriptions fixed up for boosts. Battle Pay Group Icons now correct size
Battlepay Access and Purchases Premissions set from acct lvl 1 (Moderator) to acct lvl 0 (PLAYER).
Ensure world conf flag Purchase.shop.enabled = 1 with bpay system being on bpay = 1
To allow purchases from player lvl 0 accounts.
Most boosts require a level 90 character (Professions boost mainly)

Most tested Glyphs work except for summon gaurdians, still trying to identify why. Need feed back
Adventure Journal small touch up in function
Unanounced Module Prep work