Обновление №3 дата применения 30.03.2020

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Обновление №3 дата применения 30.03.2020

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Список исправлений:

Some More Translations (Clear local game client cache for new translations to reflect)
Shaman Artifact Passive Aura Spell Static Overload now working
Spell Item 257233 - Mark of the Pantheon now working
Mage Spell 84714 - Frozen orb now has proper area effect and function.
Monk Spell: Earth, Storm and Fire improved upon in both visual and functionality
Headless Horseman Instance works now. Event 12 dungeon. Fully Scripted.
Love is in the Air (Crown Chemical Co.) now shows up in lfg and now works Event 423 Dungeon
Herbalism xp gathering improved for herbalism skill in areas
Item Enchanment at trade menu now working
NPC Waypoint Sniffs added to Undercity, Orgrimmar, Isle of giants, New Dalaran
NPC Waypoiny WIP for Stormwind
Hunter Pet disappearing on level up <15
Adjusted events 88 and 89 to every 30 days instead of every 30 years
Coordinate adjustment for pet Looking for Battle (LFB) system

Rescripted Slightly Pandarian Content:
Boss: Galion, Nalak, Oondasta, Sha of Anger.
Zones (not quests): Krasarang Wilds, Timeless Isle, Valley of the four Winds, Wandering Island.

Tirisfal Glades,Northern Barrens,Azshara : Numerous Quests, Npc,Mob,Object,Spell etc. All modified.
QUEST 14435 The Blackmaw Doublecross (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 14430 Hacking the Construct (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 14389 Wasn't It Obvious (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 14390 Easy is Boring (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 24479 The Trial of Shadow (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 14300 The Trial of Fire (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 24478 The Trial of Frost (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 14296 Watch Your Step (Azshara) All Remaked.
QUEST 14261 Ice Cold (Azshara) Fixed.
Quest 34364: For The Horde! (WOD GARRISON) Banner Placement implemented.
Quest 40729 The New Blood ARTIFACT QUEST

Known Major Issue List:

Mythic Chests not having loot
Mythic Keys not upgrading past level 2 if on solo play
Vas Crashes WOD Garrison (Disable Vas as a work around for now)
Garrisons (WOD) phasing is wrong in many aspects, which may make garrisons not working 100%)
Ice Crown Citadel Gunship Battle not working (still wip)
Auchindoun Dungeon is empty
Argus is missing alot of poi and waypoints.
Quest 46732 The phophet's gambit needs to be force complete to proceed in Argus.
Various NPC's being stationary
Various quests not working properly
Solocraft is not working in all dungeons and raids, and manual adjustments does not fix the scaling
Various Trigger gobjects\npcs still visibile. We are working on phasing them out of player visibility. (Bunnies\imps\etc)