Обновление №2 дата применения 10.03.2020

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Обновление №2 дата применения 10.03.2020

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Список исправлений:
Optional Legion Fall Invasion Westfall and Norther Barrens World Conf due to crashing on some processors.
Optional Dalaran Invasion (7.2.0 limited event) World Conf due to crashing on some processors.
Imp fix which lead to addition crashes if using warlock Hand of gul'dan and Implosion.
New Year Bosses Scripted in game Evala and Atray
Honor PVP Prestige Level now level 25
VAS Auto-Balance Implemented
LFG Dungeon and Raid Gear restrictions removed and the high level cap disqualifer removed
Two ssp affliates added to Death Match Maker Store
Obliterum forge (need some feedback)
-- Low Level Fishing Area Adjustment
-- Some Items\Spells Translated
-- Quest 9473 An Alternative Alternative had wrong objectID
-- Quest 50313 Stranger in a Strange Land Quest Objective fix
-- Chickens in Goldshire re-balanced spawndist
-- Quest 28731 Teldrassil: Passing Awareness Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 13590 The Front Line Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 13591 Disturbing Connections Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 13900 The Offering to Azshara Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 26474 Orendil's Cure Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 13924 All's Well Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 26482 True Power of the Rod Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 25649 Minx'll Fix It Quest Objective fix
-- Quest 26685 Classy Glass Quest Objective fix
-- NPC 17447 The Kurken Phase Fix

VAS Auto-Balance issues:
- Not scaling mobs damage
- Wrong HP numbers of the mobs shows in dungeons on the interface