Обновление №1 дата применения 06.03.2020

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Обновление №1 дата применения 06.03.2020

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Список исправлений.
- Memory and Stability Fixes.
- Tol Barad Battlefield Added
- Wintergrasp always intialized messages no longer shows regardless if the BG was selected on or off.
- A Few Quest Fixes. Many More in progress and still to come
- Allied Races Horde Now start in their appropiate areas instead of orgrimmar.
- New Character intro fixes for those with different client variations.
- Removed Auto Teleport from Zone if too low level restriction.
- Hand of gan dul spell crash fix.
- Captcha removed from the included website

Quests fixed:
- QUEST 24436 Halo Drops (Azshara) Fixed.
- QUEST 14487 Still Beating Heart (Azshara) Fixed and Gob Squad Fixed.
- QUEST 14485 Ticker Required (Azshara) All remaked and Gob Squad Full Working.
- QUEST 24449 Shore Leave (Azshara) Fixed
- QUEST 24497 Airborne Again (Azshara) Fixed
- QUEST 14323 Absorbent (Azshara) Fixed
- QUEST 24467 Fade to Black (Azshara) All remaked.
- QUEST 14071 Rolling with my Homies,
- QUEST 28607 The Keys to the Hot Rod All Fixed For
- QUEST 24503 Fourth and Goal.