Обновление № LegionV2 - Year 1 Update дата применения 29.02.2021

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Обновление № LegionV2 - Year 1 Update дата применения 29.02.2021

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Change Logs Year 1 Update
One year in. Sorry this isn't the biggest of all Updates, but we aim to fix and add what we can in rotations with
our small development team. We do this for free and as a passion. With out the fans and the players we are nothing.
Thank you all for making this Year One update possible. Here is to another year and further as free repack developers.
Please be advise, anyone claiming to be selling anything SPP is a scammer. We do not have any secret premium repack or
services for sale. Koosh has not had the opportunity to send in his fixes so his fixes will be released as a hotfix
immediately when we recieve it.
We move forward as one, going before everyone, leading the way.
Thank you all for your support.
~Single Player Project Praevius Core V2 Developement Team.

Vendor Adjustment:
Missing Pet Tylarr Gronnden now added to the appropiate vendors.

Crash Fix:
SPP Server Award System Crash fix if incorrect item id is supplied.
- will send message instead.

GM Command Adjustments:
.npc near is now replaced with .npc nearyby <-- we were having some sort of gm cmd conflict at time with this.

New Life Added:
Warrior Class Hall
Rogue Class Hall
Paladin Class Hall
Priest Class Hall
Demon Hunter Class Hall
Mage Class Hall
Monk Class Hall

Armor Stands Adjusted and corrected at Class Halls:
Paladin Class Hall
Death Knight Class Hall
Shaman Class Hall
Hunter Class Hall
Warlock Class Hall
Druid Class Hall
Rogue Class Hall
Warrior Class Hall
Priest Class Hall
Mage Class Hall
Monk Class Hall

3 Unused area maps added to guild housing system:
Mogu Crypt
Black Ox Temple
Crypt of Forgotten Kings

Fixed Spell Casting Scaling Module in Solocraft v2.
Created Spell Casting Flex Craft Module.
Removed leech from CR Craft and made it, it's own module.

New Modules:
SPP DDRAIG'S Bounty System
Spell Craft Module
Leech Craft Module

Misc Fixes:
Druid Class Hall Mission Board\ Scout Board now is visible and working.
Argus Chest Not spawning for solo players and tiny groups fixed.
Stormheim Quest chain Ally corrected.
Stormheim Horde intro fix and skip for now provided by @ddraig.
Imp Scaling issues in duskwind cave corrected.
Supreme Lord Kazzak Fixed.
World Quest npcs now patrol their path.
NPC 105838 Redcrested Heron is now attackable and fixed in Azsuna.
NPC Ooker Dooker Now has his abilities assigned to him.
Missing World Boss Jade Darkhaven added and scripted.
NPC Portal Keeper Vthaal's missing abilities are now added.
Temple of a Thousands Lights now accessible including access to Rare NPC Coura, Mistress of Arcana.
Brawlgoth Missing abilities added.
Rare Elite NPC Hound Master Stroxis now is accompanied by Horux and Zorux who was missing.
Death of Cordana she should NOW drop the sargerite keystone when solo.
Stormheim Horde Scenario intro Hax Skip added.
Stormheim Alliance Scenario intro touched up on.
Gossip to initial combat for Love is in the Air (event 8) Bosses and faction correction.
Blazing Rune Item 93034 now teaches the propper pet Corefire Imp.
Core of Harden Ash Item 93035 now teaches Ashstone Core Pet properly.

World Ender Quest Added:
Pandora the Forgotten Nightmare