Обновление №9 дата применения 14.01.2021

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Обновление №9 дата применения 14.01.2021

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Update 9 Changelogs
Back up Bonus Code table if you have codes established. This update will clear them to nothing.

Warlock Class Hall Life Added
Druid Class Hall Life Added

Darnassus Capital Life added

General Fixes:
Fixed Quest Menu issue with Stable Masters

Thanks to Grand Master @Ddraig . This Legendary Trainer and Legendary Vendor arcanomancer vridiel Gossip Menu is finally freaking fixed.
Vultros & Young Flesh Rippers Birds no long weild a sword. Damn borderlands logic.
Cow King Scripted for Diablo Event's Cow Level
Cow Level Trash mob scripted.
Watcher Grimeo phase fix
Watch Commander Relthon Netherwane phase fix

Added the remaining three code redemption ai to the remaing code redeemers in orgrimmar and iron forge and boot bay.
These can redeem the bonus_code. They use the same code table as the GM SUPPORT NPC.

Duff's Pet Collection Introduced:
New Duff Pet Collection. Collection of incompleted or beta pets that were never finished, are now finshed.
Available at the Duffy NPC 911480

Diablo Anniversary Event. Event 247 scripted. With treasure goblins spawned in their respected areas. Will only spawn when event is active.

Dalaran Pet Tournament Scripted. Talk to the Dalaran Pet Tournament Announcer in Legion Dalaran (.tele newdalaran) by the pet arena area.
~ However known bug, player auto runs to the sewer for the battle with the trainer npc pet battles.
~We are still investigating why the positioning is set there and not between the npc and players like it always worked.
~but it isnt game breaking. just annoying.
~Uneven terrain error while trying to pet battle NPC Trainers and Wild Pets fixed.

Select issues with players "Sky Swimming" when entering and exiting a instance fixed.
Massive Additional Dungeon Quest Scaling from Master @Ddraig implmented.

Demon Hunter Eye Beam Fixed.
Mage Blink Fixed.
Rogue Death From above fixed.
Druid Displacement Beast Fixed.

Exsisting Module Improvement:

Bonus_Code Table now has comment section in characters DB.

New Module:

Add SPP Server Rewards Module wit new module conf.

-playercreateinfo_custom_reward table for the rewards in Characters DB SQL

~Follow the examples provide in the character DB. Rewtype 0 if for money (in copper)\message. Rewtype 1 is for item.
- if the item is not valid it will crash the server.
- insure the active collumn is set to 1 if you want it to be active.

- Having reqlevel 1 and req hours 1 does nothing and will not trigger the reward.
- Having reqlevel 0 and req hours 0 does nothing and will not trigger the reward.
- Having reqlevel 1 and req hours 0 does trigger the reward.
- Having reqlevel 0 and req hours 1 does trigger the reward.

so anything that is higher will work.