Обновление №LegionV2 - Update Year 2 and Year 2 дата применения 20.02.2022

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Обновление №LegionV2 - Update Year 2 and Year 2 дата применения 20.02.2022

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Year 2 Update Change Logs
Not all changes are listed, These are only the most notable changes listed.

Notable NPC Changes: https://www.wowhead.com/npc=59642/aysa-cloudsinger
-NPC Stance corrected due to some weirdness that happens with some users, she appears underwater at times.

Potentional fix with Demonhunter intro video not playing for some people. (some still reporting its not playing in closed beta, will attempt to review further.)

A few none announced crash exploits fixed.

Broken Shore, some slight adjustments for the final step not triggering at times.

Some Notable Stranglethorn Cleanup

Fixed some auto complete/pop up for some of the Nessingwary hunting quests (tiger), not sure if the others need work or not

When starting the pirate quest chain, you'll now have the Piracy buff while active. This will make them friendly to you so you can talk to them

Quest 26633/swabbing-duty - This is now scripted (videos above) to be able to swab the floors, or pay Duncan to do it. Taking too long will stop it, and you'll have to start over. My version is probably tons easier than retail 🙂
Quest 26634/the-bane-of-many-a-pirate - the lime crates were stuck in some event, so those are removed and exist full-time now
Quest 26649/drive-by-piracy - This is now scripted. You can talk to the Oarsman to get the boat, use the cannon on the boat to blast away at the goblins. Or honestly, pretty much anything in range. Have fun 😉 When you select to return it will not return immediately, but on the next time the waypoints end it will check and return back. Boats n Ho's!
Quest 26648/our-mortal-enemies - The summoned NPC now speaks when summoned (and also when quest completes). You will now get a buff to see the ninjas, which are now hidden. I also gave the Jaguar's there sneaking ability. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Quest 26664/making-mutiny - Fixed the gossip box text
Quest 26662/the-brashtide-crew - Fixed gossip box text. Each NPC you talk to will now morph to their Worgen form briefly as expected, then morph back
Quest 26663/sinking-from-within - Fixed the gossip box text - will be slightly different once the objective is complete
Quest 26665 Call of Booty - Greatest quest name! Also now removes the piracy buff when rewarded to prep for next quests
Quest 26679/return-to-revilgaz - This quest starts to phase Booty Bay. Bruisers will now be gone, things on fire, and a special singing Worgen trio perch upon a burning rooftop for your pleasure. You'll now see the boats in the harbor. The boat that was in the way of the incoming transport has been moved (and its crew) to it's proper place. Some NPCs are duplicated to this phase and doing different things than normal, such as cowering or yelling. Faction of boats/NPCs are fixed
Quest 26697/the-final-voyage-of-the-brashtide - the gossip box/option text is now fixed and should have translation text if you use another language. The options from Kebok should now only show during their respective quests, along with the box text change
Quest 26703/bloodsails-end - This is now scripted/phased so the crew are not in the phase when landing on this ship, and the captain both properly updates the objective, and triggers cannon fire/explosion/teleport as in retail. There's a hidden objective that pops when being teleported out, and the area is no longer phased after.

Some Notable Stonetalon for Horde

Quest order cleanup as always 🙂
Malaka'jin outpost has some guards now moving in some waypoints, and a few NPCs "talking" to give some life to the area
Krom'gar outpost now has Krom'gar making proper text to the recruits there, and is phased out after his unfortunate incindents later in the story 😉

Quest 26003/lessons-from-the-lost-isles - Fixed so infrared aura removed on quest reward
Quest 26001/the-missing-blastgineer - Removed gossip since NPC supposed to be dead, set better feign death aura
Quest 26028/mr-ds-wild-ride - This is now scripted, puts you in vehicle on accept and phases out Clarissa and Mr D on the ground while quest is active. Vehicle actions now work, and can magnetize those disgusting creepy gnomes to the vehicle and kill them
Quest 26047/and-thats-why-they-call-them-peons - bit smoother interaction when "saving" peons, they run a bit before despawn, added missing text responses
Quest 26066/reinforcements - added some missing text responses, set the kobolds to respond a bit better when whipping them
Quest 26082/to-battlescar - Vehicle should move/react slightly smoother now
Quest 26097/proof-of-lies - Quest NPC now has proper feign death, removed gossip flag
Quest 26101/might-makes-right - Proper feign death to Masha
Quest 26115/to-be-horde - Someone had this already well-scripted, verified terrain will properly swap when completed to see bomb destruction. Updated some text to target the player so the $n variables translate ok and added vehicle ID to Garrosh to pick up Krom'gar properly to throw over the edge

Some Notable Southern Barrens - Alliance and Horde both

Some Quest Order cleanup
Updating some gameobject interaction icons (clear client cache)
Scaling fixes for a few NPCs

*Desolation Hold*
- Setup some waypoints for a few guards
- Setup waypoints and interaction for Awkward Gangly Orc, he will now react when you talk to him and claim he's a spy (and drops item for the related quest)
- Removed the Sapper Specialists in the area, set them up to dynamically spawn and choose random paths to run to fort triumph where they blow themselves up (retail!)

*Northwatch Hold*
- Removed duplicated/old guards
- Relocated many guards, setup lots with waypoints
- Setup dock workers with waypoints and interactions
- Moved an old quest NPC stuck underground, but quest is deprecated
- A few guards will direct you to Admiral Aubrey if you have one of the quests active
- Tolliver casts heals on injured soldiers

*Teegan's Expedition*
- Setup a few waypoints/interactions on NPCs
- Ol Durty Pete now will tell you stories in gossip - they're worth it :)

*Forward Command*
- This area now has a few guards patrolling the outside parameter
- A guard and rifleman now have a mini scene on ocassion
- Various workers have interactions/waypoints. An engineer has an unhealthy attraction to a tank
- General Hawthorne now has his correct gossip conversations working

*Fort Triumph*
- Many NPCs now have their waypoints and interaction setup
- Hawthorne and his wife phased depending on the quest completed

Quest 24512/warriors-redemption
- Fixed crate loot
- Setup rope objects somewhat like retail to pop up/down the cliffside
- Setup text/responses for rescued NPCs

Quest 24518/the-low-road
- Item still has weird issues dropping, so auto-added to inventory if it doesn't exist and quest is available to be taken when killing Honor Stand Officers

Quest Quest 24519/stalling-the-survey
- Setup waypoints for the group of NPCs to travel along the road

Quest Quest 24539/when-plants-attack
- Removed duplicate NPCs
- NPCs now respond better when released from plants, stay alive and speak a few moments to run away before despawn

Quest 24529/bad-to-worse
- Fixed credit when opening cages
- Better interaction when opening cages
- Removed feign death on Quillboar
- Opening cages now properly gives a text response, prisoners run free

Quest 24534/speaking-their-language
- Sabersnout now summoned with a much better mini-scene
- Sabersnout now responds with text, summons boars as expected. Still a chump, though :)

Quest 24546/a-line-in-the-dirt & Quest 25045/a-line-in-the-dirt
- Each of the 3 flag locations now work and summon attackers more or less as intended
- Yellow text feedback/sound on starting/finishing quest
- Fixed faction with some attackers
- Will spawn different defenders/attackers based on whether Alliance or Horde activate the object

Quest 24572/taking-back-taurajo & Quest 25057/clap-em-in-irons
- Setup looters to respond to Alliance players within line of sight
- Looters now respond properly when arrested

Quest 24573/honoring-the-dead
- Removed undeeded flags from NPCs (some still marked as vendors, etc)
- Setup proper feign death
- Rescripted item/scene to work better on use, summons correct NPC and runs through expected text

Quest 24601/the-nightmare-scar
- Phased Naralex and Nightmware scar on completion
- Removed spawned Nightmware NPC and added the phased Naralex to handle scene as expected
- Added Naralex expected gossip conversations

Quest 24577/desolation-hold-inspection
- Fixed gossip text/choices
- Bloodhilt now offers gossip option to summon a wolf for you to ride, escorted by one of his bannermen

Quest 24591/changing-of-the-gardul
- NPCs now phased and summoned as needed
- Going to the top of the tower will trigger the mini scene as expected
- Bonus - Gar'dul gets yeeted from the tower as he should

Quest 24631/flightmare
- Removed spellclick from players so vehicle doesn't have a weird icons
- Fixed item to hookshot the gryphons and yank the riders to the player (MORE YEET!)

Quest 24618/claim-the-battle-scar
- Flag now can be switched between Horde/Alliance depending on who uses it
- Using the flag will now summon defenders (if it changes flags only), and alerts nearby players
- Fixed objective with trigger NPC to handle, wasn't finishing correctly

Quest 24619/parts-is-parts
- I had added the missing gameobjects to the battescar area, and afterwards removed because I didn't realize using a saw on alliance NPCs will mangle them into the needed parts ;)
- Gruesome and fun, but was already this way

Quest 24637/the-butcher-of-taurajo
- Gossip, speech, waypoints and summoning of Hawthorne now working a bit smoother
- Fixed Hawthorne faction

Quest 24621/smarts-is-smarts
- Setup Triumph Captains to patrol along the roads

Quest 24653/echoes-of-agamaggan & Quest 24633/mahkas-plea
- Fixed quest objective to not complete immediately until talking to Mankrik
- Setup text and mini scene on coming back to Mahka after talking to Mankrik
- Setup text and mini scene when turning in Agamaggan quest

Quest 24632/tauren-vengeance
- Setup one guard with waypoints, another sitting as expected

Quest 24684/a-weezil-in-the-henhouse
- Inside Bael Modan many NPCs now have patrolling waypoints

Quest 24747/sabotage
- Quest now is phased on completing first objective to show lights/siren
- 2nd objective will not complete unless first is met
- If you don't exit quickly enough as warned, it will kill you :)

Quest 25186/futile-resistance
- NPC now setup with text response to aggro/death

Quest 25191/survey-the-destruction
- Quest now has gossip option to get to da choppa
- Chopper now travels along expected route, with text from radio, brings to Northwatch to complete

Quest 24934/repel-boarders
- Gossip boxes/options/text now fixed, summons gryphon to bring player to/from the ship as expected
- NPC now waves flags around. Possibly best flag waver in history.

Quest 24938/the-guns-of-northwatch
- NPCs relocated to the cannons as they're supposed to be

Quest 24944/back-in-the-fight
- NPCs now fixed to respond smoother to bandage used on them
- NPCs will choose waypoints to get up to Tolliver based on their location
- Tolliver will cast healing on them as they arrive

Quest 24939/run-out-the-guns
- Boats and NPCs removed from the water
- Boats will now be spawned dynamically from a trigger NPC, makes sure there are always 3
- Boats will travel around in random waypoints. No more sitting still, but do pause on ocassion

Quest 24948/lifting-the-siege
- Fixed item and credit NPCs to work a bit smoother, only give credit once rather than spamming the torch

Quest 24956/silencing-rageroar
- Rageroar is now unattackable, along with Bastoon
- Rageroar will respond and start mini scene to attack if Alliance player comes into line of sight and has the proper quest
- Text added for interaction in the mini scene

Quest 25002/scavenged
- NPC removed gossip flag, only needed to give quest, not say "greetings" from a dead NPC :P
- Added some raptors in the area

Quest 25000/teegans-people
- Add some missing raptors
- Change existing raptors to be newer NPC IDs (Terrortooth), old ones (Sunscale) should only be in North Barrens I think

Quest 25022/a-failure-to-communicate
- Ambassador now setup with proper trigger NPCs for ropes
- Ambassador will respond to you in text if you're nearby and have the quest
- Both ropes need removed in order to finish objective now, then he'll speak and run off as intended

Quest 25015/make-em-squeal
- Sorry this quest isn't about the movie Deliverance
- Fixed blizz text issue with duplicated text that's been there since Cata... lazy turds
- Mini scene/text added on reward, enjoy ;)

Quest 25027/you-flicked-a-fine-vine-to-leaf-me
- Three-tooth and minions fixed to run through their mini scene while out of combat

Quest 25042/marching-on-our-stomachs
- Fixed text order
- Setup mini scene as expected on quest reward

Quest 25074/meet-me-at-triumph
- Fixed text
- Setup messenger NPC to spawn on your way to Fort Triumph as intended
- Text response on reward from NPCs as intended

Quest 25082/working-the-bugs-out
- Added missing objects/trigger NPCs for this to work on the Silithid mounds outside fort Triumph
- Set quicker respawn time on the trigger NPCs

Quest 25081/claim-the-battlescar
- Fixed objective in the same way as the Horde version

Quest 25080/batteries-not-yet-included
- Mini scene setup on reward like retail

Quest 25104/digsite-status
- Setup gossip option
- Setup guard to respond to players if they have the quest active

Quest 25108/feegly-the-exiled
- Foreman now responds when you're near and have the quest

Quest 25120/marleys-final-flight / Quest 25151/he-needs-ale / Quest 25153/baeldun-rescue / Quest 25163/who-did-this
- Area now phased properly, over 200 missing NPCs and gameobjects added for lights, alarm, fires, NPCs that are dead, NPCs under debris
- Fire suppressor objects added and working for protection against fires
- Text and waypoints added for Marley flight
- Added missing wounded officer/survivor for quests outside
- Added missing keg of ale for quest
- Added missing dead goblin for quest
- Added missing text for survivors being rescued

Quest 25183/and-bury-the-rest
- Moved many miners around
- Setup miners to be mining inside the miners
- Setup foreman waypoints
- Removed weird duplicate bomb gameobjects
- Scripted end scene when using explosive plunger

Some Notable -- Howling Fjord --

This is mostly a Horde related update

Slight quest cleanup, most was good
Updated many gameobjects for better interaction icon (delete cache)
Marked many trigger NPCs to no longer be visible
Fixed some ocean NPCs to stop flying through the air :)

-- Vengeance Landing --
Set 'Fiend' to attack target dummy, text from Pontius to match
Setup many NPC waypoints/auras/formations
Removed duplicate CloudKisser NPCs
Fixed Cannoneer phase mask
Cannons fixed to animate on use properly

-- New Agamond --
Jenny setup with text
Added missing apothecaries
Added emotes to many NPCs in the area
Setup waypoints for some NPCs
Micah no longer falls through the cage, setup mini scene for his torture from Apothecary Dorne
Disabled some random movement from NPCs in the Inn so they don't pop through the walls

-- Scalawag Point --
Setup drunken pirates Out Of Combat chats, removed weird book from equipment config
Setup pirates dueling

-- Kamagua --
Setup guard waypoints riding turtle
Iskaal refugees now spawn and walk to Inn, text, like retail

-- Apothecary camp --
Removed aggressive succubus, spawned as pet instead from Anastasia
Anastasia walks around the campfire

-- Winterhoof --
Setup kodo/wayfarer group (moved from another zone) to properly start their formation/waypoints to another town

-- Skorn --
Relocated many NPCs
Raiders no longer swimming on the ground
Raiders no longer mounted on dragons except for the one flying around
Woodsman setup to chop wood (bound to this area for emote reaction)
Shield-Maiden, Warrior, Raider and Berserker now respond and spar with each other if in range
Fixed NPC response for dismember quest
Fixed text responses
Setup waypoints for several NPCs

Quest 11227/let-them-eat-crow
- Disable spell to summon Plaguehound if you already have one
- Feeding plaguehound bound to only if Plaguehound is present
- Now has the little heart icon when feeding them

Quest 11230/ambushed
- Fixed deckhands, some at another location should appear dead, these should not
- Add missing deckhands on ship

Quest 11232/guide-our-sights
- spell for object only allowed while near cannon

Quest 11168/spiking-the-mix
- Add more crabs to area

Quest 11170/test-at-sea
- Lysander complains while out of combat
- Rewarding now summons mini scene with Ravien as expected

Quest 11234/report-to-anselm
- Mini scene now setup on reward with Prince Keleseth, disabled if already present
- Interaction of spells fixed to proper targets for scene

Quest 12566/help-for-camp-winterhoof
- NPC now responds on accept
- Gorth now speaks during combat in area

Quest 12481/adding-injury-to-insult
- Fix run speed for NPC
- Player now speaks insults about his mother :)
- NPC will now follow properly (mostly) to quest location if needed for ambushed
- Text response from Lydell if Halgurdsson is close

Quest 12482/against-nifflevar
- Captive NPCs sometimes have mini torture scene from Dragonflayers
- Harpoon gun no longer moves around randomly

Quest 11279/green-eggs-and-whelps
- Eggs no longer spawn whelps unless quest item is used

Quest 11306/apply-heat-and-stir
- Strange issue when using quest items resolved, should be completable now

Quest 11504/the-dead-rise
- Boss related NPCs now unattackable/passive as intended
- Added auras to boss related NPCs
- Fixed gameobjects being invisible
- Relocated NPC to stop falling through ground

Quest 11307/field-test
- Disabled spell effect giving auto credit every 5s. Blizz is retarded
- Set conditions to help with a later quest
- Credit should now award once per NPC properly

Quest 11309/parts-for-the-job
- Added waypoints for vendor in the area

Quest 11310/warning-some-assembly-required
- Quest can still be buggy, issues with blizz original spells to possess
- NPC now set as vehicle, controlled vehicle to gather up NPCs to properly finish

Quest 11509/street-cred
- Lou now facing proper direction
- Molly now flies around talking trash
- Lou now has proper gossip option to take player to Scalawag point

Quest 11510/scoodles
- Setup scoodles with waypoints

Quest 11434/forgotten-treasure
- Moved object to be accessible much more easily

Quest 11469/swabbin-soap
- Removed duplicate Big Roy NPC
- Mini scene now enabled on reward

Quest 11466/jack-likes-his-drink
- Fixed gossip options/reactions
- Olga now returns to place properly

Quest 11519/the-lost-shield-of-the-aesirites
- Removed duplicate NPCs
- Fixed NPC location
- Juniper gossip setup

Quest 11527/mutiny-on-the-mercy
- Transport issues with NPCs still an issue, aggro causes NPCs to give quest item automatically while they yeet themselves across the map

Quest 11471/the-jig-is-up
- Jonah now responds as expected, runs to Hozzer to get eaten
- Hozzer will spawn if not currently there/alive

Quest 11458/avenge-iskaal
- Change NPCs to proper feign death

Quest 11511/the-staff-of-storms-fury
- Added missing trigger NPCs, dead slavers on ship
- Scripted trigger NPCs for lightning effects
- Abdul now present, responds text when aggro

Quest 11467/dead-mans-debt
- Removed Conrad
- Added missing gameobjects
- Object now spawns Conrad and pirates as expected, with speech

Quest 11472/the-way-to-his-heart
- Limited item to only work near tasty fish

Quest 11476/a-carver-and-a-croaker
- Frogs only respond to inventory during quest

Quest 11471/the-jig-is-up
- Quest NPC gossip box text updated for before/after quest reward

Quest 11479/crowleg-dan
- Fixed gossip menu option to work properly

Quest 11567/the-ancient-armor-of-the-kvaldir
- Setup bomber scripting/waypoints to fly to/from the island
- Fixed retail bomber vehicle ID, wasn't working properly
- Vengeful Kvaldir added aura like retail

Quest 11568/a-return-to-resting
- NPCs now respond as expected when returning items

Quest 11296/rivenwood-captives
- Fixed cocoons to randomly spawn NPCs rather than only quest NPC on chance
- Work-around for weird scripting issues when 1-shotting NPC, now works regardless
- Summoned NPCs from cocoons now either attack or follow player as expected depending on NPC

Quest 11286/the-artifacts-of-steel-gate
- Set miners to be mining by default

Quest 11301/brains-brains-brains
- Explorers now mining by default
- Setup many with waypoints for better visual
- Unknown Voice now responds to players in the area when not in combat
- Unknown Voice fixed translation broadcast records, added proper audio links like retail
- Explorers now only respond to quest item after death, and only once

Quest 11281/mimicking-natures-call
- Horny Yeti now responds with speech when summoned, attacks like retail

Quest 11317/the-cleansing
- Remove duplicate objects
- Altar should now summon player mirror image properly

Quest 11365/march-of-the-giants
- Runed Stone Giant now only responds to quest item after death, and only once

Quest 11351/mastering-the-runes and Quest 11352/the-rune-of-command
- Quest NPC now speaks on quest accept
- Captive Giant now has better visual auras/effects. Not blizz like, their spell wouldn't work properly
- Captive Giant no longer attackable
- Enthralled Stone Giant now summons properly, originating target despawns as expected

Quest 11366/the-lodestone
- Fix NPC spawn point
- Setup text/interaction like retail

Quest 11367/demolishing-megalith
- Megalith now yells on death

Quest 11256/skorn-must-fall
- Winterhoof Brave emblem now sticks around properly after rewarding
- Setup missing gossip option for telescope
- Winterhoof Brave now despawns when using again. Little buggy, but works

Quest 11259/towers-of-certain-doom
- using item will no longer have player insta-killed on script execution

Quest 11260/stop-the-ascension
- Scene scripted properly on spawn/death of NPC

Quest 11263/dealing-with-gjalerbron
- Many NPCs audio linked to text responses like retail
- Certain warriors now mounted and waypoints setup
- Many other NPCs setup waypoints
- NPCs text responses now setup on aggro/combat
- Rune-Caster Freezing Circle attack now scripted and fixed, trigger NPC no longer attacks player

Quest 11265/of-keys-and-cages
- NPCs now speak while out of combat randomly
- Cages fixed to properly trigger NPCs to respond
- Made sure cages closed by default
- Cages now reset back to closed after time properly
- Prisoners no longer randomly moving outside cages

Quest 11323/in-worgs-clothing
- Fixed gossip conditions for getting replacement item
- Fixed item to be accessible after rewarding some quests in chain

Quest 11417/eyes-of-the-eagle
- Setup waypoints for Talonshrike
- NPC no longer attackable unless triggered by quest
- NPC now flies to nest as expected
- Fixed loot drop

Quest 11324/alpha-worg
- Eyes of the Eagle buff now removed on reward
- Garwal waypoints now setup
- Added text/response when hitting 50% hp, morphs to worgen as intended

Quest 11268/the-walking-dead
- Necrolord now setup text on aggro
- Fixed deathless watcher to fly

Quest 11433/sleeping-giants
- Dormant Vrykul no longer attackable, set to passive
- NPCs will now run through speech/emotes/death like retail when item used

Quest 11264/necro-overlord-mezhen
- Fixed followup item drop rate to 100%. wowhead 50% is from 50% horde looting theirs vs 50% alliance looting their version. Should always drop
- Fixed item loot conditions to properly drop correct followup quest item
- Added text response when aggrod

Quest 11453/the-slumbering-king
- Added missing NPCs
- Ymiron and Necrolords unattackable like retail
- Killing Queen Angerboda now summons Lich King mini scene as expected
- Added speech responses in OOC, and when aggro

Quest 11267/the-frost-wyrm-and-its-master
- Wyrmcaller Vile now has spell effects like retail taking place
- Glacion fixed hover mode, set unattackable
- text response added for aggro
- Glacion waypoints added, flies in circle until item used to summon and be attackable. Will reset after a while if not in combat
- Fixed horn loot

Quest 12182/to-venomspite
- Accepting quest now activates taxi path like retail